At BEAUTYSCORES, we're on a mission to redefine beauty assessments. Our platform is not just about algorithms; it's an experience powered by innovation.

How it Works:
Our Beauty Calculator goes beyond traditional beauty tests. Instead of rigid Golden Ratio rules, it calculates your beauty score by comparing your facial features with those of diverse and well-known beautiful faces. It's an approach that mirrors how individuals naturally judge the beauty of others.

Large Celebrity Model:
Our revolutionary "Large Celebrity Model" takes beauty assessment to a whole new level. In this unique model, we analyze your facial features by comparing them directly with a vast collection of celebrity pictures, including those of renowned movie stars and singers. By juxtaposing your image with these iconic faces, our platform provides a personalized and nuanced beauty assessment that goes beyond conventional standards, ensuring a truly individualized experience.

Innovative Technology: utilizes advanced AI technologies and the Large Celebrity Model, which includes insights and pictures from numerous celebrity profiles, including movie stars and singers. This comprehensive approach allows our platform to build tools and resources that provide nuanced and personalized beauty assessments.

Security and Privacy:
Your privacy is paramount. We don't store user photos or personal data on our servers, and we don't share any user data with third parties. Our website does not use any cookies. Your trust is at the core of our platform.

Patented Technology:
We're proud to share that our innovative technology has earned us a United States issued patent. This patent reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty assessments.

Join Us:
Experience beauty assessment like never before. Join us at, where innovation meets individualized beauty assessment. Discover the power of our AI technology and the depth of insights from the Large Celebrity Model.