Beauty Score API (Free)


The Free Beauty Score API allows you to calculate beauty scores based on the provided image URL, company name, and language parameters. This API is available to use without any cost.

Key Features

• Free and Registration-Free Access
• Accurate Beauty Scoring
• Celebrity Lookalike Matching
• Multilingual Support
• Privacy Protection

Base URL

The base URL for accessing the Beauty Score API is:

Endpoint URL

The API endpoint URL accepts the following URL parameters:
img-url (string):>The URL of the image for which the beauty score will be calculated.
company (string): The name of the company associated with the image.
lang (string): The language code for the desired language of the response. Example URL:

Example URL:
GET /beauty-score-api.aspx?img-url=

Supported Languages

de (Deutsch)
en (English)
es (Español)
fr (France)
it (Italian)
pt (Portugu)
ru (Russia)
hi (Hindu)
zh (Chinese)
ja (Japanese)
ko (Korean)


The API response will be an HTML page with the calculated beauty score and other relevant information based on the provided parameters.


Example URL:
Expected Response: The API will return an HTML page with the calculated beauty score for the provided image URL, associated with the company "ABC". The response will be in the English language.

Support and Contact

For support or further assistance, please contact the Beauty Scores team at

Your privacy is important to us.
We don't store any user photos. All photos are deleted after recognition.
we don't sell or share any user data with any third parties.