Schönheits Scores schöner Gesichter

Angetrieben von fortschrittlichen KI-Technologien

Ingrid   Bergman
Swedish-American actress
Bild Alter: 28
Schönheits-Score: 99.879
Land / Region: Sweden

Audrey   Hepburn
British actress and humanitarian
Bild Alter: 29
Schönheits-Score: 99.877
Land / Region: United Kingdom

Marilyn   Monroe
American actress, model, and singer
Bild Alter: 27
Schönheits-Score: 99.870
Land / Region: United States

Thylane   Blondeau
French model / actress
Bild Alter: 22
Schönheits-Score: 99.866
Land / Region: France

Bella   Hadid
American model, the world most beautiful woman based on the Golden Ratio' equation.
Bild Alter: 29
Schönheits-Score: 99.861
Land / Region: United States

Ka-yan   Lee
Hong Kong actress of Portuguese and Chinese descent, and Miss Hong Kong (1988)
Bild Alter: 25
Schönheits-Score: 99.859
Land / Region: Hong Kong

Aishwarya   Rai
Indian actress and the winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant
Bild Alter: 32
Schönheits-Score: 99.858
Land / Region: India

Tzu-yu   Chou
Chinese (Taiwan) singer
Bild Alter: 19
Schönheits-Score: 99.855
Land / Region: Taiwan

Demi-Leigh   Nel-Peters
South African model and beauty queen, Miss Universe 2017
Bild Alter: 26
Schönheits-Score: 99.851
Land / Region: South Africa